27 October 2009

Is it Drupal? Firefox Extension

While discussing the news about Whitehouse.gov moving to Drupal at work today, I had an idea to create a bookmarklet to help me figure out whether the site I am browsing is indeed a Drupal site or not.  Then at lunch, Shawn (@shalosophy) had a great idea that this should be made into a firefox extension.  And so was born the “Is it Drupal?” Firefox Extension.

The extension simply puts a Drupal icon in your status bar which is gray when on a site that is thought to not be powered by Drupal, and turns blue when a Drupal site is detected.  This is my first foray into Firefox extension building so be kind.

Updated (June 2011)

I’m no longer offering this as a download, since I don’t have the time to properly maintain it and there are several other extensions that do a similar task.