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22 Aug 2013

Running Apache in the foreground

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my local development environment. When I have a new Drupal project to start, I usually start by creating a new hosts file entry and adding an apache virtual host for the project. But why? I don’t do this when I start a new ruby project. Whether it’s Rails or Jekyll, I just start a webserver right from the project root, and when I’m done with it, ctrl+c and it goes away. I want this for my Drupal and PHP projects.

03 Feb 2010

Dialog API

I’ve been hard at work lately on my new pet project, the Dialog API module. My goal for this module is simple. Take the incredibly simple CTools ajax command framework, and merry it to the jQuery UI Dialog widget, to provide an incredibly simple api for creating dynamic dialogs. The basis of this module comes from CTools’ modal framework (which I wrote about previously), so if you’ve used that in the past, using dialog should be a breeze.

16 Dec 2009

Ajax modal windows, the easy way

Last week I wrote about the awesomeness that is the CTools ajax framework. If you’re anything like me, your mind immediately started racing about all the cool possibilities this opens up. One of those cool possibilities is yet another hidden CTools gem, the modal framework. If you’ve ever used panels, then you’ve seen CTools modals in action. In this post, I’ll show you how to use modals, in the same way that panels does.

27 Oct 2009

Is it Drupal? Firefox Extension

While discussing the news about moving to Drupal at work today, I had an idea to create a bookmarklet to help me figure out whether the site I am browsing is indeed a Drupal site or not.  Then at lunch, Shawn (@shalosophy) had a great idea that this should be made into a firefox extension.  And so was born the “Is it Drupal?” Firefox Extension.

22 Jul 2009

Drupal theme and module naming conflicts

Andrew was having a problem earlier today with a theme’s preprocess function not being called in the order he expected. In particular, this function was a THEMENAME_preprocess_node() function. The odd thing was, that when he looked at the theme registry using the handy devel module, the order of preprocess functions was:

07 Jul 2009

Quick Tip: Use to view MAMP logs in OSX

I’ve been using this little tip for so long now that I forgot how to do it, until I showed someone here at work how to do it.  You can use the standard console application that ships with OS X to view any type of log file.  Its not obvious how to do this since there is no interface to add a new log file, but once you figure it out, it couldn’t be any easier.